A Year Ago

Last year I went to LTUE by myself and had a great time.  I am here again at this BYU symposium and this time with Mr. X! It is interesting to have these things in my life come together.  Last year, shortly after attending LTUE. I dedicated a month James Dashner.  I took some notes from Brandon Sanderson on how one should treat James Dashner, just so you know! This year Brandon wasn’t at LTUE to fuel the fire AND Dashner has achieved his dream of being on the New York Times Bestsellers list. I wanted to repost my first little introduction to Mr. X because I happened to talk about Mr. Dashner quite a bit in it and it seems here we are again at LTUE.  Well James and I are here again, Mr. X is here for the first time.


First of all, what is LTUE?  LTUE stands for Life, the Universe, and Everything and it is a symposium that has been going on for years at BYU. They offer great panels, presentations, readings, and signings.  Today I got to go to a James Dashner reading and yesterday I went to a panel on Dystopia.  There are lots of different types of things to listen to and learn about.  There are panels on writing, reading, drawing, character development, the industry.  You just pick what sounds and interesting and go and listen.


Last year I had a really great experience and though Mr. X and I are both disappointed that Brandon Sanderson didn’t make it this year, it has been great to share this experience with each other. I have been taking a lot of pictures and a few notes and I should be getting some nice posts together shortly.


I will be talking about Bree DeSpain, James Dashner, Elana Johnson, Robison Wells, Dan Wells, Tracy Hickman, and a few more.  Before I went to this event I wanted to try and read The Scorch Trials and The Dark Divine, but as usual life got in the way and so far I am only 50 pages into The Scorch Trials and none of the way into The Dark Divine.  I am going to be reading The Scorch Trials more today and I am enjoying it quite a bit.


What are you reading? Have you been reading any dystopian fiction?


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