The Curse of Twitter

One of the reasons why I haven’t been reading or blogging is that I have way more to read than I could ever get around to and sometimes this overwhelms me. And other times LIFE overwhelms me.  After spending a little bit too much time sitting around and watching TV I decided it was time to get back to reading, and to my friends on Twitter.


But like I was saying, I am not lacking for books to read.  The thought of them definitely does something beyond overwhelm me, but after just a few days back visiting with my friends on Twitter, that TBR list is growing even more.


I have always been interested in Blood Red Road and even downloaded it from Galley Grab but I didn’t get to start it before it expired.  Of all the electronic books I didn’t get to review this past year, this on is probably the one I think I might have missed out on the most.  But when I heard @ReadingFever praising it on twitter the book quickly jumped back on my radar. I really hope I can find some time to read it soon.  @ReadingFever seemed particularly impressed with Moira Young’s writing style and that is very important to me. I have always been more impacted by the quality of the writing than by the quality of the story. Of course good prose is not going to save a plotless story, but it is still worth stating.


I saw Anna Dressed in Blood in a Goodreads update and the title jumped right out at me. I had to find out more about it.  The little bit that I read about it was enough to get me to keep an eye out for it at the bookstore or library. The first line of the summary is really what got me. “Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead.” The cover is also interesting. (And oddly similar to Blood Red Road in both coloring and with the blowing of the dark hair.)


Then I was looking at my friend’s blog, There’s A Book, and she had a review of a book that I also felt really strongly I needed to read. Carrier of the Mark has a lot of elements that I really enjoy reading. (Also quite a lot of gray in the cover. Must be a new trend or a reflection of my soul.)

What books peaked your interest lately?


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