The Challenge of Culling Books


I have been trying to cut down on some of the books that I own.  I have A LOT of books and I would like to continue having LOTS of books, but I am trying to be realistic about how many books I can have and how many I will actually read. I have identified adult contemporary and historical fiction as being a little low on my reading totem pole.  I have decided to sort through those types of books and discard any of the ones I feel l am pretty unlikely to read ever/any time soon. Some books I know will be readily available in ebook format at the point in which I do decide to read them. Other books I know I will never read, that they were an error in judgment to get in the first place. A lot of time I am lured in more by the price of a book than by its contents.


Considering this there are still books I really feel like I want to read, but I need to get to them soon. So I have a pile of about 20 or so books that I am setting aside with the caveat that any that do not get read in the next 6 months have to be donated. I have LOTS of books that I am keeping just because and some of these I may change my mind on. It is weird how the cover of a book can have sentimental value.


Today I am posting 6 of the books I have set aside to read first. There are a lot of books on the pile and they are all adult. Considering that I only read about 4 adult books a year, it is pretty unreasonable to think I will get though even this pile of 6. Part of that is the point of this whole exercise, teaching me to be realistic about the books I need and want to keep. I would love your suggestions on what to read first and also if you see any books that you think belong in my permanent collection, I would love for you to make a case for them.


Without further ado, here are the books:


I Was Amelia Earhart by Jane Mendelsohn

Plum Wine by Angela Davis-Gardner


Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje


How to Be Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella


Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel


And there we have it. I few books that I am thinking about reading before June. What do you think? What books do you like? Out of the 20 books in the pile I tried to pick some that I wanted to read the most first. I would love any input you have on these books OR your experience getting rid of books, especially those you haven’t read yet.


  1. I have never heard of any of these books. I too feel sentimental about my books, although I don't have nearly as many as you. I have decided to get rid of some of those I have read, but know I will never read again. Of course most of those are packed at the moment.

  2. 'Like water for chocolate' is a wonderful book, which also happens to be one of my favourites. It is very well written and does get you to the stage early on that you cannot put it down. I would recommend reading this first.


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