Reading Log - Second Week in May 2015

My 11 year old daughter hates to read. This is a great pity and sadness to me. I know she is reluctant about reading and struggles with it some. I also feel a slight rebellion or defiance in her. She enjoys saying she doesn't like to read because I own a bookstore. She cherishes that irony. On one hand I appreciate her understanding of irony. On the other hand I always think that if I present her with the RIGHT book that I can change her into a reader!

Recently she listened to the audiobook for The Inventor's Secret. It grabbed her RIGHT AWAY. Like I said, she is reluctant to read. I can get her to listen to audiobooks occasionally, but she usually tells me she is bored. I want her to read with her eyes, but I also like that she can enjoy stories outside of the struggles she might feel with reading. I know those struggles well. I am not now, nor have I ever been a particularly good reader. It is interesting how something that you aren't good at can become the thing you are really passionate about. Big books still feel daunting to me, small print and lack of white space will keep me from reading.

I decided to encourage my daughter in her reading (she has continued with the series) that I would give the book a try. I guess I miss judged her tasted because I was honestly SHOCKED at how good The Inventor's Secret was. It has everything I love in a children's book. Decent writing, interesting connections with history and art, and an addictive story line.  I finished the audio this weekend and am excited to read more books in the series. I have to admit I am hoping these books are THE ONES. The ones that turn her into more of a reader. On the other hand, I don't want to force reading on her and have her hate it for the rest of forever.

I am still working on reading Huntress by Malindo Lo. I am on page 177. I am reading slowly to pace my friend and we discuss it frequently. I am enjoying it a lot more than Ash, which I did not dislike, just found myself wanting more out of.

I am continuing to succeed at starting books and jumping from story to story. I am a little under halfway through Zeroboxer by Fonda Lee. I keep telling people that it is zero gravity MMA fighting on the moon. They are underwhelmed by the concept. I am enjoying it well enough. I enjoy MMA and whenever I read the book I get in the mood to watch a match. The writing is a little lack luster and the romance bores me. I am not sure if it feels forced or just not the type of storytelling I am in the mood for. Romance is fine, even welcomed. But there is a certain amount of sex appeal that is off putting to me. The idea that the main reason these characters exist is to be sexually attracted to each other.

I also recently started The Wrath and the Dawn. It only came out today. I have yet to decide if I love or hate the language. And I don't feel very motivated to stick with it, but I will read a little more of it before I put it aside.

I have pushed most of my research aside for the time being. I just haven't been in the mood to put effort or thought into it, since it takes a little extra brain power to really get the most out of it. Brain power has been majorly lacking the past few weeks,

Though I am listening to the audio of Gifts from the Sea and really enjoying it. I don't feel like I am really giving it the time it deserves, but I can't help feeling like I will go back to it again later. And I also hate the narration on the audiobook. But it is short and I am already halfway through it.

I was super excited for An Ember in the Ashes to come out, but now I think I am scared to read it.

Here is my real problem...

It may have been so good that it has ruined me for all books. I want other books to catch me in the same way it did and they won't. But maybe I get points because I keep trying.

Soon to be read is also Bone Gap.

That is it for tonight! I made a second post. I am proud of myself. Here's to seeing me around her more often.


  1. I worry that my daughter will come to hate to read just to spite me. LOL I am rather obsessed with books. Fortunately, she's still only four and loves it when I read to her. She's even beginning to ask me about the books I read (coming up with an answer is sometimes a challenge for me).

    It sounds like you are reading quite a variety. I have two books going and one audio (the same audio I've been listening to since the beginning of the year--but not for lack of enjoyment). I just actually finished a crime fiction novel and then started a YA fantasy novel (The Witch Hunter)--which I have a feeling will have me completely neglecting the World War II novel I am in the middle of as well. It's really good.

    I really enjoyed Ash, and so if Huntress is better . . . Well, I should definitely read it!

    Have a great rest of the week!

    1. DEFINITELY read Huntress. David and I are enjoying discussing both what we like and dislike about it. He just graduated with a degree in English so his critical skills are sharpened and ready. We have been enjoying it.

      My 11 year old used to love books. I think she will continue to go in and out of it. She enjoys audios well enough, as mentioned, and really likes music.

      I am definitely all over the place in my reading and as long as I am reading steadily, I am okay with that.


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