I realize the irony in the matter, I own a bookstore but I rarely read books in paper. I love my paper books, but there are times they just don't fit into my life. As I get older the words get smaller and the pages get dimer and finding a comfortable position that doesn't cause me to fall asleep is a challenge. Some days I have accepted it. I am old. Scaleable font and backlit screens help me read in any position and not just when the lighting is right.

To me, reading is reading. I want everyone to be doing more of it. Recently that especially includes myself. I find myself with the time to read, but not the desire to invest in the storylines I am currently presented with. I think it is both common and interesting that as one gets older there is less room for books that aren't exactly what we are looking for. I used to never give up on a book I was reading, and I am still not eager to admit that I will never pick up a book again. But I am working on guilt free reading as time becomes more and more of an issue.


  1. Guilt free reading should be the way it is. Reading is supposed to be for fun, so shouldn't a chore!

    1. I am all for guilt free reading, this has become more of a challenge for me lately. But not in the way you mean! I always feel so GUILTY I am not dedicating more time to it. Working on that more now though. Thanks for the comment.


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