I am thinking about coming back to blogging. I flirt with the idea often, I even flirt with actions of blogging. Writing and posting a piece thinking it is the beginning of my triumphant return but my resolve fizzles quickly.

For many years I was the same thing. A book lover, a mother, and a basic writer. I talked about my life and my limited number of passions. But in the past five years I have become many more things. I have become a business owner, a foodie, a student, and a better friend.

The internet has the unique ability to create community. It was this feeling of community that I could never find in the town where I live, or even the town where I grew up. Family and community have always been a kind of mystery to me. Growing up I struggled with friendships. The solitude of my youth was echoed by my inability to effectively interact and communicate in a group setting. Owning my dream business let me realize the opportunity for community in my own town and beyond the scope of the passionate, generous, compassionate book lovers across the web. It has been exciting to connect with the other book lovers of my community. I have been looking for these people for years. In the library where I volunteered, in book clubs, and perhaps chance meetings while browsing at the bookstore. But we always missed each other. It was only when I stayed at the bookstore all day working that these bookworms started to emerge and reveal themselves.

Over the past year or so I have been able to go back to school to hopefully complete my undergraduate degree. And now I am studying food through the lens of sociology and it has been a fascinating transition. I love learning about new things. Now so many subjects are interesting to me. Ones that have never been intriguing to me in the past. Agriculture, botany, nutrition, and gardening. These new changes are very exciting for me.

One of the best things about keeping up on a blog is the way that it serves as a kind of memory book and since I have not stayed on top of it, there are gaps in my memory. I want to try and remedy this problem for the future.


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