Reading Log - First Week of April

I have not made much reading progress over the past week. I have been jumping from book to book working on various research projects and chasing quotes. I managed to finish one more book for my yearly total.

14. Liar and Spy - Rebecca Stead

Another great middle grade selection by Stead. I loved it and I was worried it could not compare to When You Reach Me. I am happy I had a few years between the two titles so I was less inclined to compare them.

Currently Reading:

I am still working on Omnivore's Dilemma the most because it has been assigned for school.

The Ultimate Gullah Cookbook - I read this for my Festival of Excellence presentation. I have hauled it across the county a few times with the hopes of reading it. I am shocked at how much my own knowledge has transformed the experience of reading it. I restarted it from the first page.  I realized that I am in the middle of a bunch of cookbooks and pushing through them might bolster up my reading numbers so far this year.

I started Silent Spring when it was discussed in my Agriculture class. I jump back and forth between it and other books.

There are no new books that I am hoping to read soon. Some of the books from my last post are still on the list. But I doubt I will get to read many books cover to cover until school is over. And possibly not even then. The only addition is perhaps to finally buckle down and try to get through The Jungle. I know I should have it read, especially as I am considering journalism as a type of writing I would like to explore more.


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