Reading Log - Third Week of April

Though my reading numbers haven't drastically increased, I am feeling particularly productive when it comes to reading. Partly it is knowing that the semester is ending soon and I will have lots of space and time to read whatever my heart desires. This semester has been very interesting and engaging for me. The entire semester who focused around food. The quantity of the things I was able to learn was astonishing, but I wasn't able to work on my own food related interests and projects because I had so much reading to do for my classes. I did finish a few books over the past week and that always motivates me.

15. The Omnivore's Dilemma
16. 365 Journal Writing Prompts
17. Stars So Sweet

Currently Reading:
Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo
Save Me a Seat
The Fireman

Hope to Read Soon:
The Unsettling of America
The Vegetarian
The Circle

I have not picked up very many of the books I have hoped to read soon or have been in the middle of for a while. Over the past week, I really found myself in a reading slump and I am overjoyed to have pushed through it. Some of the topics I have been reading about for school are:

  • Farm to School
  • Community Gardens
  • School Gardens
  • Culinary Authenticity
  • Ethnic Food
  • Local Food
  • Big Agriculture
Do you have any programs in your area connected to these topics? What do you think about them? For one of my school projects, we connected with local organizations that connect people with food, nutritional information, and other resources. I have really enjoyed learning about what services these organizations offer and what kind of additional help they  need.


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