Forkways #3: Farm to Fork 2016 - The Chef Shops

This is me and my friend Sara:

She is a farmer: 

We live in Cedar City, Utah and Sara has taught me there is a very short growing season here. But Sara loves her farm. She started her Community Supported Agriculture farm when she was 13!

For the past four years, I have had the opportunity to attend a farm to fork dinner at a local CSA. For myself and Mr. X these experiences have been transformative, especially in progressing into new chapters of food exploration. Last summer I was able to document some of the experience beyond the plate and gain insight into the mind of the chef and farmer, Sara Patterson.

Sara is passionate about local ingredients and quality products. She started farming at a young age and carries her passion like a banner. She eagerly connects with local farmers and growers to find the best and most interesting ingredients.

Watching Sara shop for the farm dinner is like watching an ehtnobotanist in action, and she doesn't even know it. She shops at the farmer’s market on both Saturday and Wednesday. Red Acre Farm sells the harvest surplus beyond what goes in their shareholder’s weekly baskets. Sara makes bread and lemonade to sell weekly. She often sells cheeses as well.

On Saturday Sara looks at fresh figs but waits to get them. She wants them to look beautiful and is worried that they will not hold up the extra days.

Sara gets all the beets. She uses these in a beet salad at the farm dinner.

From Marigold Gardens Sara gets green bell peppers and eggplant. Pam is a great local grower and very supportive of community events.

She considers kohlrabi but changes her mind.

She decides on radishes instead.

On the Wednesday market the timing is better and she picks up a lot of produce from local farmers.

Time for figs! She asks about mushrooms but conditions have been too dry.


Corn from Janet. Some of this ends up in vegan tamales.

Sara tells me none of her tomatoes are red.
"They are too boring.”
She stocks up on red tomatoes for the dinner. She gets six pounds.

Sara gets tomatillos.



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