Reading Log: May Recap

Yes, I realize that May is over. I never managed to get any weekly reading logs published last month. But I still wanted to have a recap for future reference. I know these posts are not always the most captivating, but the record they provide me with is extremely helpful.

Since the beginning of May, I have been in a bit of a reading slump. There are many reasons for this, but mostly I have been struggling to find that perfect intersection between my mood and how interesting the book was. Sometimes those two things are intimately related, but sometimes a boring book is just a boring book.

Part of my lack of success was my stubborn nature. I insisted on reading the third book in a trilogy even though many reviews said it was no good and I was not generally enjoying reading it. The book was a major let down. When I finished it I felt no sense of accomplishment.

In May I only finished 2 books:

20. Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer
21. The Harlem Charade by Natasha Tarpley

When I read The Harlem Charade, I thought I had burst out of my reading slump. But that feeling didn't last for long. A little bit of travel and preparing the bookstore for summer left me without much room in my head. I still read bits and pieces of various things.


Silent Spring
The Fireman
Make Room! Make Room!

I have been starting and stopping a series of audiobooks, but very few things have suited my mood. Some I may return to eventually when I am feeling less finicky. What do you when you are in a reading slump? Any good title recomendations?


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