Old Reading List Revisited

This is my old reading list that I was working on last summer. I updated it by marking the books I have finished. I am sort of disappointed in myself to not keeping up with all the challenges I was looking forward to. But I started up reading again and finished many books, some on this list and some new ones. Now I have to make sure I finish all of these up. Though some I may be saving for another time.
Reading in 2007

Out of the Silent Planet (p. 44 146/160) 92% FINISHED!Alice's Adventures Underground (p.68 p.76/90) 85% FINISHED!
On My Honor (p. 90/90) FINISHED!
(Banned Books Challenge)
Crispin:The Cross of Lead (p. 262/262) FINISHED! (Newbery Challenge)
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (p. 87/246) 35% FISHISHED!
Slaughter-House Five (p. 4/215) 2% FINISHED!Scraps of the Untainted Sky (p.15/284) 5%Herland (p. 37/146) 25%
Love in the Time of Cholera (p. 22/348) 6%
Robinson Crusoe-reading electronically at chapter 9 (By The Decade)
Beyond the Words (p.79 114/221) 52%
The Island-(p.8/295) 3%
Writing to Learn (p.94)
Language and Myth (p.28/99) 28%
Eragon (p.6/497) 1%
The Picture of Dorian Gray-reading electronically DailyLit and LibriVox
The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby (p.7/298) 3%
Keeping Faith (p.123/422) 29% FINISHED!
The Underground Man (p.29/262) 11%
We-FINISHED! First one of 2007. (Dystiopian Challenge)
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader FINISHED!
Forever FINISHED! (Banned Books Challenge)


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