Favorite Writer

(I found this new thing and I wanted to try it out. See if it was a time saver.)

I have been rededicating myself to writing. Gathering exercises and inspiration. And reading A LOT, trying to learn from the authors I admire.

I have never had a favorite author. But finally I think I have found one. What makes him wonderful to me is that he writes how I wish I could, how I always hear it in my mind but never manage to get it one the page.

I first met Pat Conroy in the pages of Why I Write. I have always been particularly interested in what writers have to say about their craft. His essay was called "Stories" and I didn't recognize his name but I was immediately grabbed into what he had to say about writing. Even though I was immediately drawn to what he had to say and how he chose to say it, it took me a few more years to crack open the pages of Beach Music. I fell totally in love and have been gathering his books about me ever since.

In an interview, Conroy says about his own writing: "
My prose is overwrought, a little pretentious. I never know how a book will end."


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