Sunday Reflections

I have forgotten how a leisurely Sunday with the kids can feel. It is interesting how the world feels different on Sunday (especially in Utah.) The world turns quiet and slow, and for me it isn't that different for most other days, but it sure does feel different. I have missed sharing this leisurely time with my girls and I didn't even know it.

I have started taking my children to church. I have mixed feeling about organized religion for ME right now, but I know that being raised in an organized religion was a very important part of my upbringing and I think is important for most children. So I am happy that I am doing it but it has taken some of the relaxation out of Sundays. Then when church is over I drive the girls over to their dad's. I haven't had a Sunday with them in at least two months. It is very nice.

We had a nice St. Patrick's Day dinner. Not corn beef like I was thinking about, but yummy and I dyed their milk green. After church there was a knock at the door and my neighbor's daughter was there with a mug full of candy and shamrocks and a few other goodies. I had told the neighbor that my family always made a big deal out of St. Patrick's Day and I know she took what I said to heart and tried to make it a special day for me and she succeeded. I got each of the girls a beautiful teddy bear at the thrift store with a green sweater on it that says Ireland. They were 50 cents each (you know how cheap I am!) but they came from a real Irish company and probably cost A LOT new. I was so happy to find them and my daughters love them.

I am very happy to be spending this extra time with them, but we will see how I feel in a few days.


  1. What lovely neighbours you must have. I'm very lucky that way as well and it does make such a difference. I am not going to show my Bears your post: they would all want green sweaters as well!

  2. aack. I know what you mean about going to church on Sunday adding stress to the day. I went to a church that didn't meet on Sunday morning for so long it's taken some getting used to get up and get out.

  3. I think that taking children to church is important in the literary sense as well. It is sad to realize how unfamiliar so many people are with Bible stories and allusions to them in literature.


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