Mix Tape Monday - Watchmen Edition

  1. Track 1 - Jocko Homo is the semi title track of Devo's Are We Not Men? referred to by Laurie.
    Laurie: They're Kind of Devo
    Dan: Devo?
    Laurie: Sure. Devo. "Are We Not Me?" Band from Ohio. Late seventies.
  2. Track 2 - Unforgettable plays from the TV in Chapter VII.
    Oh, my darling, it's incredible, that someone so unforgettable...
    ...Should think I am unforgettable, too.
    Nostalgia...by Veidt
    For unforgettable you.
  3. Track 3 - You're My Thrill plays while Night Owl and Silk Spectre rescue the residents of a burning building.
    Night Owl: Okay, Let's ride. I'll put some music on the in-ship stereo.

    You're my thrill
    You do something to me
    You send chill right through me
    When I look at you,
    'Cos you're my thrill...
    You're my thrill
    How my pulse increases
    I just go to pieces
    When I look at you
    'Cos you're my thrill
  4. Track 4 - A lyric from The Comedians closes Chapter II of Watchmen
    "And I'm up while the dawn is breaking, even though my heart is aching. I should be drinking a toast to absent friends instead of these comedians."
  5. Track 5 - Desolation Row is quoted at the end of Chapter I
    "At midnight, all the agents and superhuman crew go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do."
    The song will be covered by My Chemical Romance for the closing credits in the upcoming movie.



  1. I must say I am very impressed by your attention to detail in your reading and your postings. Thank you for all your hard work. :)

  2. You are an amazing blogger! This is another mix I love!



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