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The Sunday It has been a long time since I have had the time or the inclination to go about blog visiting. It has been a joy to start off my morning doing so.

Contrary to the previous months where I have been reading very little, now it feels like I am reading too much, and doing it so slowly that it doesn't change from week to week. Last Sunday I darted out of town for what was supposed to be a day/overnight trip and bloomed into a bit of a longer trip. It was fun and amazing. I traveled by myself and listened to audiobooks. I really hate driving so this was a bit of an experiment to see if audiobooks made it any better for me. It did help quite a bit, but I still got REALLY TIRED on the long stretches.

Yesterday I went to the library. There is really no reason for me to go to the library as I have more than enough books here. I am sincerely trying to cut back, yet every time I got I check out more books than I did the previous time. I came home with 6 books. Big books, bigger than I will be able to read in a two week time span. Not to mention the 3 other books I still haven't finished from the last visit. And the books that I OWN that I am in middle of. So what did I get at the library?
  • The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov
  • Feed - M.T. Anderson (already listened to the audio, so this book doesn't really count)
  • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Stephen King
  • I Love You Beth Cooper - Larry Doyle
  • Pay It Forward - Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • The Princess Bride - William Goldman
What's the last book you got from the library? Why did you take it out of the library as opposed to buying it? Did you need to read that particular book?

Last week I was going to post a wrap up for the books I read in July. But I was so preoccupied with my trip I never managed. I think I only read two measly books. I am determined to read more this month. Right now I am working on The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and Vampire Plagues 2. I was hoping to get Vampire Plagues done last night, but I am only half way through. I am also only a few pages into The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and it is the first King book I have ever read. I have heard a lot of mixed things about King as a writer but generally people tell me he is a decent/good writer and his movies don't do him justice. The first few pages have been very interesting for me; I am highly critical and have the red pencil in my mind sharpened to a precisely pointed tip. On one hand I am trying to reserve judgment for a few more pages, but on the other I am ready to take out my notebook and outline the first few pages noting everything I liked and everything I would change. Are you a Stephen King fan? What of his books is your favorite?

I am still in the middle of reading Good In Bed, but I misplaced it there for a few days following my return. I still have to write reviews/reactions for a few books and everything is swimming in my head and getting dulled out by new information. The kids leave in a few hours, or as soon as I get them into the car and drive them off. So hopefully I will sit down with my pen and paper and get some my ideas out before they are gone forever.


  1. To your qestion:
    I usually get the books I read from the library. the reason is very simply I have to read as a student mostly "old" books, published mostly in the 70's and 80's, and I can get them only from the libraries.


  2. I've had mostly a loving relationship with King, but The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was one that didn't grab me. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that I was reading the book in an astronomy class in college (about 200 students in that seminar) when I should've been listening. Hmmphf! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. My month got off to a good start reading wise, but somehow it's slowed right back down again. I need a kick in the pants, I think. :-)

    I've been really good about avoiding bookstores lately. I'm sure my husband appreciates it!

    I hope you enjoy The Princess Bride. I loved it and it gave me a new appreciation for the movie.

    I have only read two King books so far: The Cell and Misery. I really liked Misery but thought Cell was more silly than scary.

    I hope you have a great week.

  4. Goodness, only 6 books from the library? My mother would call you a light-weight (she believes if they are stupid enough to allow you to check out 18 at a time, you better do it). I really can't remember my last library book... Hum... I guess that means I need to go back soon.

    I've never read a King book other than a brief glance through Pet Cemetery. A friend of mine loves him, my mother won't touch his books. Truthfully it's hard to gage him as a complete writer since he loves to jump genres (he's written horror, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, the list goes on!)

    THE PRINCESS BRIDE was great, but different than the movie. Keep that in mind while your reading it so you won't be surprised when things turn out differently or pop up when you least expect it.

    And, honestly, you can never read enough! I tend to read more than I watch tv or movies and I believe my brain thanks me for it. Your's will thank you, too, when you turn 80 and can still function away from the living room.

    Happy reading!


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