Guess What?

I cannot believe I went to the Kelly Parra book chat tonight and won a book! I am totally excited to read her young adult paranormal novel Invisible Touch.

It was great chatting with Kelly and getting some insight into her writing process. One of the things I enjoyed hearing about the most was her story creation/editing process. She said that she starts with a very bare bones story and adds another layer to it every time she rewrites it. I am excited to see what kind of depth this will add to her story.

Kelly shares more of her experience about become on a writer on her website. Here is a taste:

“I wish I could say I was an avid reader all my life, but that would be stretching the truth. The real truth is, I've been an avid lover of stories all my life. I've loved movies since I was a kid and was hooked on VC Andrews as a teenager. Beyond television, it was art.

So when I became pregnant with my first child and someone gave me a Nora Roberts Romance novel, I was hooked from there on out. I had caught the Nora Roberts fever. When I got my hands on as many NR books as I could, I started exploring new authors with a special enjoyment for Romantic Suspense. One day as I was reading an Intimate Moments author bio, I discovered a stay-at home mother and author not far from my hometown who wrote books for a living. There was nothing glamorous or mysterious about her life. She was in fact a regular me.”

Read more about Kelly’s life and writing on her website.
You can find her lots of other places online:

  • YA FRESH: A young adult focused blog Kelly shares with Tina Ferraro, fellow author.
  • SECRET FATES: An secret blog to help celebrate the launch of INVISIBLE TOUCH.
  • WORDS OF A WRITER: Kelly’s blog about writing and publishing.


  1. I kneeew you were going to win a book. Anyway, I'm glad you came. You always make things...interesting. :)

  2. Hey, Megan, it was great hanging out with you at the chat last night, and hope you can make it when they host as yet undetermined.

    Are we Facebook and MySpace friends? If not, please "friend" me? My pages are both under my name, Tina Ferraro.

    And congrats on winning a book!


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