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Inside the Writer’s Studio – Mandy Hubbard


Mandy Hubbard is the author of the upcoming young adult novel Prada and Prejudice. Here you can see the cover of her novel proudly displayed over her desk. Mandy agreed to my first participant to let us into The Writer’s Studio. She has also graciously agreed to answer YOUR questions about her workspace. Be sure to leave them in the comments and come back next week to see the answers.

I also have some questions for the readers, the viewers of these photographs. Is there anything about this writing space that surprises you? Anything that catches your interest? Is there anything you can tell about this writer just by looking at the space?


Here is a different angle on the desk.

There is something very interesting about looking at a creative space and getting glimpse into the process. Maybe even something slight voyeuristic about it. Writers are very much over there, on the other side of the book, it is so simple to forget they are people too.

Don’t forget to grab the countdown to Mandy’s book from the sidebar to post on your blog or website as a way to thank her for helping me out and letting us into The Writer's Studio.

n682598093_702646_6716Mandy Hubbard grew up on a dairy farm outside Seattle and currently living happily ever after with her husband (who, sadly, is not a Duke) and her daughter (who is most definitely a princess). Prada and Prejudice is her first novel

Don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments so Mandy will have plenty to talk about next week!


  1. Awesome!

    Do you listen to Music while your write? If so does your music play lists change with each project?

  2. Great blog! I'm really excited about Prada and Prejudice.

    Here's my question for Mandy...

    I see that you keep your bookshelf close to your writing space - do you use any of the books for inspiration as you write?"

  3. I love it! And that's so awesome that the book cover is framed and hung in her house...

    Did you always want to do that or was it something you thought of after getting the cover? Perhaps even someone else's idea?


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Mandy,
    Love the way you've arranged your space. My question is this: What's you writing frequency like? Do you commit to a certain number of words/paragraphs/pages per day or is it a random thing?

  6. I'm wondering how you balance your writing time with taking care of the needs of your family?

  7. Great feature! It would be awesome to get a close up of each author's bookcase! You can sort of see what she has for books which is really exciting to me!

  8. Great feature Megan! Mandy, congrats on your book!


  9. The first thing I noticed about the writing space is the lack of anything green and living, i.e., a potted plant! That girl needs a desk top topiary or something. And Mandy, is your space window-less? I sure hope not. But of course we're all different; perhaps you're a minimalist writer? ;~)

  10. Does the environment lend to the story? Does it help when editing or rereading? Do you find you need different environments in order to write different stories?

  11. Also curious as to plants. They help me write a lot. I'm impressed with how clean the space is. I have trouble writing without a little bit of clutter. Even a water bottle or something... Congrats on the new book, Mandy!

  12. Nice post. Good luck Mandy. I love how sparse your work space is, nothing to clog your mind up while you work. That is exactly how I love my desk and office to be all the time.

  13. Dude, how is your space so neat and organized? :)

  14. Looks like a great works space to me, I do my best work in an area free of clutter and distractions!

    I'm curious about the inspiration for this particular novel. For example, did you want to write a novel and this was the result or did you have an idea or a theme, start writing, and sort of discovered a book?

    ps I love the idea of this series... looking forward to more.

  15. I can't wait for Prada and Prejudice!

  16. is it POSSIBLE for you to have such a clean space?!?!? My writing desk (much like my desk at my day job) is a NIGHTMARE. it looks like a BOMB hit it.

  17. Mandy,
    I am so stoke for Prada and Prejudice. I always go to the Young Adult section thinking it's there already on shelves!

    I don't really have a question except a few comments, I suppose:
    1- It's very inspiring you come from FictionPress. You give hope to a lot of young writers on that website!
    2- My friend Laura has an aunt named Mandy in Washington state and we joked it was you (sadly its not...her aunt lives in Seattle)

    Okay...fine I do have a question!!!

    What is your favorite Taylor Swift song? (excluding Love Story)

  18. *weeping at the cleanliness*

    Mandy, your space is gorgeous. My office is such a wreck I write at the dining room table!

  19. Wow, such a neat clean space. I would never be able to maintain that. My mind needs the frequent distraction and items for me to fiddle with.

    My question would be How do you develop your characters, and settings. Is there a process you find more useful than others.

    Congrats on the book, your an inspiration.

  20. your office REALLY that clean??? WOW.

  21. I love this feature because I am always amazed by authors. I feel that reading is a voracious luxury and I can never get enough.

    Seeing where a writer turns the black and white into literary magic is awesome. So here is my question for Mandy.

    Where did you get your inspiration for this great story idea? and if you encounter a block what do you do to get motivated again?

    I have read the blurb on this book and cannot wait to read it. I find it cute and different.

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