Katie and Kimble Review

I wasn't expecting much out of Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story. Okay honestly, I was expecting a lot, a lot of really bad stinky smelly poo. I don't know exactly why I expected this book to be bad. When I first staring reading it, it seemed to be confirming my suspicions. But as I moved into the story more I ended up really enjoying the story and the idea of friendship between Katie, a little girl, and Kimble, a ghost. Linda focuses on making this a non scary ghost story and I like that positive take on this type of story.

Linda Thieman had done a great job creating support materials for her books. My kids really like the cover (though I am not crazy about it myself) and would really enjoy doing coloring pages relating to the book. I have not read Katie and Kimble to them yet, but I think that they would greatly enjoy it. With all of the great things available on Linda's blog, I think the fairly low price of this book (just under $6) could easily be worth it it and be an enjoyable family reading experience.

You can read Linda's guest post and my interview with her in the archieves of my blog. Be sure to check out the Katie and Kimble blog. (But make sure your sound isn't too loud. Learned that lesson tonight. TWICE.)


  1. Thanks for your nice review, Megan--and for the picture, um, of the stinky poo! You are very funny! LOL

    Your readers can download free coloring pages on the right sidebar of the Katie & Kimble blog, in addition to the first six chapters of Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story. Click my name!

  2. Oh gosh, that poo picture cracked me up. It just makes me THINK of bad smells. Thankkssss.

    It does sound like a cute book, and I like the idea of a ghost story that's not scary.


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