Mailbox Monday

This past week brought a lot of joy to my mailbox.  Well, really, I don’t think my mailbox has feelings and I was the one filled with joy.  I got a grand total of 4 books.  Yes, count them, 4!!

Today’s book was the most exciting. You want to know why? (And this will come as no surprise to you…) It used to word “awesome” in reference to ME!!!

“To Megan -

(who is


Tina Ferraro”

And what book does this amazing personalized autograph adorn? Why none other than The ABC's of Kissing Boys. You may have noticed Tina’s name popping up on the blog a few times this month.  And I am sure this has absolutely nothing to do with why she adores me.  Rather she sees my inner awesome as it permeates through to interwebs into the cockles of her heart.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing young adult author please check out the profile I did on her or take a peek Inside The Writer’s Studio.  The follow-up post with answers to all your questions will be up on Wednesday so be sure to come back and check it out.


I was fortunate enough to win two contests and the books for those have arrived.

The first contest was hosted by author Ann Aguirre.  She recently read and fell in love with The Eye of Night and offered up 10 copies of it on her blog to host a book club with.  I am absolutely thrilled that I won a copy.  In part because I love book clubs and talking about books and also because it is a fantasy novel which I usually struggle with.  It will be great to have an excuse to read it.  There is one thing I am worried about…  The invoice said one date, the box said 2 day shipping and I got the book almost 20 days after the date on the invoice.  That is a major chunk of reading time and I hope I will be able to finish the book in time.  If you enjoy fantasy Ann highly recommends this novel so consider picking it up and joining us for the club meeting. (I don’t know the details yet, but look for updates or contact Ann directly!)

The other book I won was from author Catherine Ryan Hyde.  She held in contest in which you shared ways you would promote her book Becoming Chloe and I assured her I would be more than happy to talk about it on my blog.  This is not the only time you will be seeing the cover;  I feel strongly about living up to my end of the bargain.  I know what you are thinking though… You think you have never heard of Catherine Ryan Hyde, but I bet you have heard of Pay It Forward .  Catherine wrote the book that inspired the movie.  Pay It Forward was an adult novel with major cross over success.  Becoming Chloe is Catherine’s first fully intended young adult novel and she is extremely proud of it.  I will be donating it, and a few other Hyde titles, to the library when I am done with it.


The final book I am going to talk about is actually the first one I received.  Wayne M. Roseberry contacted me to review Millicent Marbleroller and the House of the Toymaker. The title itself caught my attention and middle grade books are where my highest passion is.  When it arrived there was something I loved about the cover the moment I saw it.  I cannot wait to dive right into it, but I am reading way too many books right now that need to get finished.  I have even picked this up a few times trying to read it.  But I know I have to put it off for another week.

I could only find a little tiny thumbnail of the actual book cover, but this is the cover illustration done by the author himself.  If it is catching your eye too, I have good news for you.  Wayne is still looking for a limited number of bloggers to review his book.  Please email him, (wayne_roseberry @ stating why you are interested in reading his book and providing a link to where you intend to review it. If you have any problems contacting him, feel free to email me and I will pass the message on.


  1. I love a good fantasy, so I'll be looking up The Eye of Night. I'll check back for the review.

  2. Nice week you had. Yay for Tina realizing your awesomeness!! Super rad. :-)

    Catherine Ryan Hyde is amazing. Everyone READ IT RIGHT NOW!! Or any of her other books.



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