2010 Dystopian Challenge

Get your Dystopian Fiction Reading on!

Time Constraints:
Jan 1 2010 to Aug 24 2010

1. Open to everyone (if you do not have a blog, just
state in the comments section that you read the book and on what date)

2. Any book format

3. Books can be chosen throughout the year,
but must have been read within the timeline.

5.Post your reviews in the comments area

6.Three Levels:
•Level 1 - Experimental - 5 books
•Level 2 - Addict - 10 books
•Level 3 - Junkee - 20 books

Does anyone even need to ask what level I am joining on??
20 books by August should be a breeze. (Did I just go and jinx myself?)

1. A Wrinkle in Time (completed)
2. Lost Bullet (completed)
3. Off the Road (audio) (completed)
4. The City of Gold and Lead (2nd in Tripod series) (completed)
5. Cherry Heaven (currently reading)
6. Candor (soon to read)
7. Genesis (out from library)
8. 1984 (soon to read, out from library, book club pick, audio)
9. Fahrenheit 451
10. Parable of the Sower
11. The Iron Heel

This list is subject to change but I wanted to put something tentative up there.


  1. Yay Parable of the Sower! Looking forward to discussing it with you!

  2. Jeez am I the only person who did not sign up for 20?

  3. This is an awesome challenge. Maybe I'll even join (my first challenge?) since I'm a huge fan of dystopian novels. You've got a bunch of my favorites on your list!


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