The Sunday Salon - Disappointed

The Sunday

January blogging has pretty much been a BIG disappointment for me. I had a lot of plans and did a whole lot of nothing. Is anyone else having a hard time recovering from the holidays? Still?

Even though I haven't been blogging as hard as I wanted, I have been getting my reading done! So far I have read 12 books and I have 3 more on tap for today. I usually read on average a book every two day and I am trying to keep that going strong as I break into the new year. If I get 15 done for the month by midnight tonight I will be right on task!

I have 100 pages left in Going Bovine and I am loving it. Today is mostly going to be dedicated to getting this book finished.

Last night I put a huge dent in Blue Moon and only have about 30 pages left to read. I will reward myself with these pages as soon as I finish Going Bovine.

I have a few options for my 3rd book to finish and have the last ditch option of a really quick juvenile novel with LOTS of illustrations if I end up getting stuck.

What was your best read of the year so far? What book did you enjoy reviewing the most? What book do you want to share with everyone?
I am hoping for a better blogging month in February and a great reading month. I am currently in the middle of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan which I am reading with a friend (more on that later I hope!) I just hope I don't overwhelm myself by wanting to read too much and not having enough time to.
I also only read/listened to one audiobook this month and I hope to be doing better with that. Have any to recommend?


  1. My favorite two reads this year so far are both by John Green: Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska - and I'm currently loving An Abundance of Katherines. He's rapidly becoming a favorite author.


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