Feb 7, 2010

Check Out My Guest Post

Lenore invited me to do a guest post on her blog about some dystopian novels. Check it out.


  1. Loved the guest post! I had heard of your blog, but somehow missed adding it to my reader until today. Then I was googling images from Ulysses and ended up on an old post here from 2008 about literary tattoos. It was quite fun to look at and a nice coincidence I thought.

  2. Ok, so I checked my reader today and you were in there twice. It appears that I am not only overwhelmed by the number of blogs in my reader, but a little scatterbrained! (I feel better in one way though, because I could have sworn I had added your blog to my reader a long time ago.)

    Obviously I just need to visit your blog more often, especially considering how much I love dystopian fiction. :)

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