avatar_meGood morning! The weekend is here, the Ick will be leaving soon. I have a very busy reading weekend planned for  myself.  Vasilly decided to have a little weekend read-a-thon and I invited myself to join her. We both have a lot of reading to do and can feel the end of the month bearing down on us. Today I hope to finish 4 books. Do you think that is too ambitious?

the_silver_child_us I have already start The Silver Child and I am more than halfway through it. The problem? I HATE IT. It is weird and awkward and just weird. I don’t like the writing, and the concept may possibly be even worse. So, what’s driving me to finish it? Well, it’s short and it’s on the dystopian list. And it is the first book in a series and I kind of want to figure out where the series is going. The cover and jacket flap of The Silver Child really caught my interest. (The cover in real life is striking, pictures of the cover are just kind of creepy. Weird how there’s a difference.) I expected it to be a really quick read in the genre of my interest and i could go on my merry way. But there is no merry way. I hope to finish the book today though.

Next up will be Hotel Under the Sand. I am about 4 chapters into this charming book by the late Kage Baker. I am really loving it but keep pushing it to the wayside for more time sensitive books. But the time for Hotel Under the Sand has come. So far it has this touch of Alice in Wonderland quality that I am really enjoying. I am eager to read more.

Following these two I have a pair of new reads. Today, I guess, is sort of focused on middle grade science fiction reads. The Big Empty should be a super fast read. The book was on my wishlist and when Chelsea found that out she mailed it to me. She said she really enjoyed the book but wasn’t sure when she would ever find the next book in the series. I was so excited to receive the book, but then…I NEVER READ IT. Today, that will change. In return for her generosity I got her the second book in the series now that she no longer has the first one to refresh with, oooooops. I have promised to remind her of some of the details so she can read the second book……..and mail it to me. Thoughtful, aren’t I? Also, The Big Empty is yet another title on the dystopian list.

duplikate-cover1Finally, and I am already tired just TYPING THE LIST (forget about reading all these!), I agreed to review DupliKate by the HILARIOUS Cherry Cheva FOREVER ago and my life just got in the way.  It was nominated for a Cybil and is part of my challenge so now there is no more avoiding it. DupliKate should be a super fun read and I am happy to be exploring some middle grade science fiction because I have a bit of a reading gap there, also I think there is a bit of content gap.

At LTUE some of the panelists were suggesting “MG is the new YA.” Why do you think that is?

Since I know you care so much, I will be updating you on my progress! Wish me luck. Wish Vasilly luck. And, happy reading.


  1. Why is middle grade the new YA? Because so many adults are reading YA, that's why ;)

    Sorry to hear you hate the book you're reading. Guess I won't try that one!

  2. I can't believe you're actually reading a book you hate! Put the book down! ;)

  3. Good luck with your reading! I agree with what Lenore said about adults reading YA.


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