Excuses to James Dashner

Lately my life has been like the inside of James Dashner’s head, a big crazy mess. Wait, that came out wrong. Let me explain.

On the outside James Dashner is about as boring as it gets. You don’t get much more accountant looking than this:james_dashnerBut on the inside, James Dashner is brewing murder and mayhem. Therefore, I feel like James Dashner is plotting my death.

No, not really.        Well, maybe…..

What I feel like is this. I feel like on one side of the maze and my computer is on the other. I am trying to run from one side of the maze to the other as fast as I can. But instead of nefarious beasts chasing me, it’s people. NICE people. They keep stopping me and want to talk to me. Some might call these people friends. But these so called friends are impeding my progress through the maze, to the computer, where I can talk about James Dashner.

Now,if James Dashner stopped me and wanted to talk, that would be awesome.  That would be welcomed. I could just replay every amazing moment of what happened when I actually made it to the computer. But no, James Dashner is NOT one of the 40 thousand people who are demanding my attention and therefore the whole thing is just a major annoyance. Unless one of the people talking to me is reading this, and then, not YOU. You were just a minor annoyance. All the other people were the major ones.

And I know what you are thinking, What’s your problem Megan? You’re popular! Everyone wants to be popular. James Dashner wants to be popular and use his charm and charisma to force you to buy his books. But honestly when it comes to James, what charisma? He used to be an accountant for goodness sake! This is why he is paying people like me big bucks to promote his name and be charismatic for him. (DISCLAIMER: I am not getting paid big bucks, not even small ones. But other people, somewhere, must be!) Here’s the thing, James Dashner month is a limited time offer and time’s aticking. So people, I beg you, let me be popular in APRIL. I would like to be able to finish off James Dashner month with the respect and dignity it deserves. Because that is what James Dashner would do.


  1. Well, if he wrote an accounting textbook I would read it.


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