Reasons Why – James Dashner Month Day 8


For James Dashner month I have been looking for guest reviews and posts about people’s experiences reading Dashner’s books. But when Pam said she hadn’t read The Maze Runner, I asked her to write a post on why not. Without further delay, here is Pam!

Reasons why I have not read James Dashner

1. I have this thing when books are wildly popular I become afraid to read
them. I feel that there has been so much hype then probably its over hype.

2. I can’t help it. Sometimes I just look at a cover and it doesn’t speak
to me. It takes me longer to pick up these books. I recently read another
book where I disliked the cover immensely and it was one of my best reads
of 2009.

3. I love dystopian books. The excerpt didn’t call to me.

So there you have the reasons why I have not read James Dashner or Maze
Runner. Pretty silly reasons right? I almost passed on The Hunger Games
due to it’s popularity. That would have been a complete sin against book
blogger kind. Covers are a big deal, I know everyone says you shouldn’t
judge a book by it’s cover but come on, who doesn’t pick up the books that
speak to them? The excerpt is a tricksy thing. Sometimes it is better than
the book itself and other times it isn’t the best part and possibly you
pass on a great book.

So as of today I give you my vow to read Maze Runner in the month of
April. I will then post a review and I promise to review it immediately on
pain of death of Megan’s choosing.

I want you guys to tell me here in the comments, why should I read James

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg


  1. Pam, I am right there with you on not reading books that are fawned over everywhere you turn. It is not that I will never pick the book up, but more that I will probably not read it until the hype has died down. I have done it with everything from the Uglies trilogy to Zusak's The Book Thief. (I haven't read either yet.) I will be interested to hear your thoughts on The Maze Runner.

  2. Because have you seen the creepy-ass book trailer yet? lol. Seriously. The Maze Runner is mega-fun, so much so that it makes you forget about its weaknesses. (And yes, it does have weaknesses, if that'll make you feel better about reading it: slow to start, some underdeveloped characters, a weird romantic subplot, some characteristics of the world that don't quite mesh well together.) Plus, you read and loved The Hunger Games, clearly. Hype for anything other than cliched paranormal romance novels *gag* has not been too bad, in my experience. :)

  3. *goes to watch the "creepy-ass trailer"*

  4. Pam, I have not read it yet. It looks like an amazing book. Read it!

  5. Because he lives in Utah?! LOL And I love to support my local writers! So my association to me, you should read it.


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