Teen Author Festival

From the moment I found out about the Teen Author Festival I knew I would be going. Provo is a bit of a far drive for me, so we sent a friend to the library when the tickets for the Scott Westerfeld keynote became available. Unfortunately, he was told the tickets to the free event sold out in 2 hours.  So no guaranteed seats for us, we were told there would be a stand by land and we planned on parking our butts into it an hour or so before show time.


Saturday morning came and I wasn’t feeling a 100%. Mr. X and I scrapped our early departure plans for a more relaxed morning.  We were running late but weren’t entirely sure we would have made it into the keynote address so we weren’t particularly worried. It was going to be a fun day and there were lots of authors to meet, and I had a bag full of books waiting to be signed.


Somehow Mr. X and I were both under the understanding that keynote started at 11am, but we were both blatantly wrong and arrived just in time to stand in the line for non ticketed attendees for a nominal amount of time. 
Mr. X at Teen Book Fest 

The other people in line seemed pretty excited too. There were a lot of teens, which was the whole point of the event, though it did make me feel a little on the old side.  We watched a few authors walk by us and check in at the table in front, it was also where we found our maps and schedules.  Mr. X and I were trying to plan out our schedule for the day, but a lot of the others waiting were chilling out, reading. Just like any good book festival attendee should do!


PA303052   PA303054


This was the first time the Teen Book Festival was held and the Provo City Library did a great job with it. They had a nice offering of panels; one for each hour after the keynote address of the festival. They were Fantasy, YA Lit, and Romance. If I had one complaint it was that there wasn’t a listing of who was on each panel but you had to see what panel an author was on by what time they would be on one and cross referencing it with the times of the panels. It wasn’t difficult but there ended up being a lot of page flipping while I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my day.



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