To Read List 2011

Since mid December I have been working on a reading list for the upcoming months. My  intention was to post the list just for personal record. And time has passed and I never did.  January is a lot like the month of never dids. As I mentioned in my last post, I did turn 30 and I do go on a book shopping spree but other than those things when I think back on the month it feels like the month of not happening.  The last week has been the same way for me too. Where has all the time gone? Why is time folding in on itself and I am left wondering where it went?  In a way it is almost haunting because in The New Policeman, the last book I finished, time really disappear and was being sucked into the fairy world.


There are so many things I want to do, and there are so many things I want to say. And I haven’t done it. I have set some mental goals for 2011. Among them are reading more, blogging consistently, reading one book from each challenge I have joined a month, and starting every book I acquire so that moment of initial excitement doesn’t escape into the ether.


In January I did not read all the books that I brought in like I had hoped. I also realized that maybe I was bringing in a few more than I should.  So I am doing something I said I would never do.  For the month of February I am banning myself from buying books.  I have too much to read here.  I have more review books than ever and so much I have been telling myself I would read.  Looking at this list all ready I didn’t finish any of the books in the December list. I have been promising myself I needed to read Fahrenheit 451 and then another year passes and I still haven’t read it.  I also did not read any of the books on the January list and I am VERY behind.

I hope to catch up soon. The titles with * are specifically for review. Wish me good luck because clearly I need it.

*The Write Start
*The Preparation of the Novel
*Trickster Girl
Inside Out
Fahrenheit 451
Harry Potter
20 Years Later (audio)

Dust by Elizabeth Bear (audio)
*The Lost Gate
Graphic Women
*Outside In by Maria V. Snyder
Irish Lit Dystopian Thesis
One for the Money
Heat Wave by Richard Castle
The Time Machine (audio)
“The Last Flight of Doctor Ain”
“The Screwfly Solution”
Black and White

How the Irish Saved Civilization
Two for the Show
Obris #1
Those That Wake
The Time Ships
Exile (audio)
The Dispossessed
V for Vendetta
*City Book
*Emily Dickensen – Feb 26th book tour stop

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
The Healing Spell
Grace by Elizabeth Scott
*A World Without Heroes
The Queen of Everything
*UF book

Dooms Day Book
The Limit
What Would Emma Do?
Miss Match
13th Reality 2


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