You may have noticed that it has been entirely too long since I have posted.  I was planning on starting 2011 really strongly but so far it has just been a lot of fizzle. Fortunately I AM reading more, but other than that, not much to report. I should be reviewing, researching, and blogging other things of interest and basically I am just sitting here wondering where January went.  Here are some of the things I have failed to tell you about; these are also things I hope to tell you more about, but that probably isn’t likely.

I turned 30.
I went on a major book shopping spree in Las Vegas.
I became addicted to Good Reads.
I met Ally Condie, author of Matched (again).
I ate some yummy food.
I did the assembly and reading points store for the reading program.


Here are some books I read:

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1
Alice I Have Been
Shades of Grey
The New Policeman

Here are some books I am currently reading:

The Lost Gate
Reality is Broken


Here are some books I should be reading soon:

Inside Out
Black and White
Triumph of the City


What have you been reading? What have you been doing? Don’t forget to leave me all the details!


  1. Hooray for becoming addicted to Goodreads! Gosh I have so much love for that website, it's not healthy. I can't believe it;s February already and in fact, Feb. is almost over. And my TBR/To-review is just as scary as it was in January.

    The cover for Matched is so pretty :) Is The League of extraordinary Gentlement also a movie?

    I'm currently reading Daughter of Xanadu and since I just signed up for a speculative fiction challenge I hope to start Slice of Cherry, Zahrah the Windseeker and Hundred Thousand Kingdoms very soon.


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