Bought Another UNbirthday Present

I went to the grocery store today. I never buy books at the grocery store because I don't pay full price for books. But today I came across a bin of discounted books. So what do you think happened?

I have never heard of this author but the cover says "Winner of the Pulitzer Prize." And as much as I am a book junkie I am also a prize winner junkie. I have a hard time passing up a book that says this. This one was only $2.99.

I lifted the following blurb from
The legendary sportswriter Red Smith once remarked that writing was not difficult: "All you do is sit down in front of a typewriter and open up a vein." Imagine for a moment the accomplishments of Herman Wouk. Apparently not content to rest on a duly deserved reputation for such works as THE CAINE MUTINY and THE WINDS OF WAR, to name just two of his novels, he continues to publish at the age of 88. Lest anyone believe that he is living on his past, A HOLE IN TEXAS, his most recent effort, is a lively and entertaining novel, enjoyable and easy to read.
I especially like that quote from Red Smith. Sounds like I didn't make that bad of an investment!


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