Weekend Assignment #207: Too Much News?

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Weekend Assignment #207: Are you a news junkie, or not so much? Do you seek out news on tv, radio, in newspapers or online, or are you sick of the endless rehashing of the same issues? I realize it's all a continuum, from "I never watch the news" to "I keep it on all day, and read several newspapers" (or whatever). Maybe you vacillate, depending on what's going on in the world or your own life. What's your current level of interest?

I sometimes watch the news all day long and other days I just can't take it. I am definitely sick of the rehashing of the same issue. Oh the days when I watch the news I start with World News on ABC and then switch to one of the other networks (NBC or CBS). I try to only watch one half an hour of the local news so I don't have to see the same story three or more times. I almost only get my news from TV. I rarely read the newspaper and rarely look at news online unless I heard something in passing and need more info.

I am a bit of an entertainment new junky. I have always watched Entertainment Tonight since I was in elementary school. I also like to watch Extra and Access Hollywood. A lot of those shows are filled up with a lot more gossip than I am interested in. I also really like Showbiz Tonight. I am so happy they finally lessened their coverage of Britney Spears.

In the past week or so I have rarely watched the news. Sometimes everything is just too sad and I don't want to hear about the world. Sometimes I watch The View for their Hot Topics. It is like watching the news but then they make me laugh about it. I am pretty bored with the political scene but at the same time I like knowing that someone else is keeping track of it.

Extra Credit: Is there a particular news story you have been following recently?

A few weeks ago ABC did a profile on a girl with autism who had learned to communicate with her family and others with a computer. That was an amazing story. I also heard mention of her on Ellen's show.


  1. Since I forgot to mention it last time; Hi, I came over from Karen's Outpost Mavarin site. Anyway, I feel the same way you do. I don't like to see the re-hashing of the same news story a million times. And I'm a little tired of the election coverage as well. Only 8 more months until that is over!

  2. I usually grab my news online from headlines. I'm an entertainment news junkie in that I like to know things about who's been cast in what movie, etc. TV Guide is one my favorite sites. :)

  3. I too am glad that they're finally easing off of Brittany Spears. That poor woman. It's interesting that the same media that can report on the progress of an autistic child, can be so down right mean when a high-profile celebrity is having a psychiatric episode.

  4. Gee, I remember when Entertainment Tonight was the only show of its kind. I liked it, too, until John Tesh implied that some friends of mine were dangerous stalkers, just because they didn't want Quantum Leap to be canceled.


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