Mix Tape Monday

It is true.
Idol Mania has taken over.
I have never really been a big fan of the show.
But that was before.
Before what? you ask.
Before David Cook.
So here in his honor, my mixtape.

music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com.

First up is the song that started it all (for me.)
Randy called this an emo version of the original.
I remember sitting there thinking
what was that?
That was different.
Next, the original "Hello" by Lionel Richie.
Do you remember that music video?
Go here to see a real life demonstration (sort of.)

Third up
is the song that made me fall.
In love that is.
He didn't sound perfect but there was something about his passion that resonated when he sang "Eleanor Rigby."
After that the original.
The name that originally came to Paul, though, was not Eleanor Rigby but Miss Daisy Hawkins. In 1966, McCartney recalled how he got the idea for his song:
“I was sitting at the piano when I thought of it. The first few bars just came to me, and I got this name in my head... 'Daisy Hawkins picks up the rice in the church'. I don't know why. I couldn't think of much more so I put it away for a day. Then the name Father McCartney came to me, and all the lonely people. But I thought that people would think it was supposed to be about my Dad sitting knitting his socks. Dad's a happy lad. So I went through the telephone book and I got the name McKenzie.”

The third and final David Cook song of the day is last week's masterpiece "Billie Jean."
Did you know that this was not a cover of the original song? It was a cover of the cover.
Read more about that here.
I was a little disappointed to find out that David didn't arrange this himself like originally thought he had.
But he did an amazing job with it either way.
Lastly, instead of that cover, though,
I give you Michael Jackson's original
"Billie Jean."

How do you think David will do this week?
Will he impress yet again?
I can't wait to find out.


  1. We watch American Idol and love the guys this year. They are stronger and unique. David Cook is amazing and re-listening to his music on your blog tells me I would love his voice anywhere - whether he wins Idol or not.

    Alyson LID 01/27/06

  2. I liked David Cook's version way better than the original! Thanks for entering my book contest, sorry I couldn't send you all a copy:)

  3. Great mixed tape! ;) that thing is really cool.

  4. So now you make me wish I hadn't disconnected my cable in an effort to read more. I"ll just have to catch the videos online, I suppose.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.

  5. I actually like the arrangement from Billie Jean. I was wow by that one...

    I wish I heard his arrangement for "Hello" though. When he was singing that night I was watching it but my cable TV started to acted crazy and it silent the volume. I got pissed. Is there a way for me to hear it? "Hello" was one of my Lonel Richie song in the old day :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you stop by again soon :) Have a good day!

  6. I LOVE the mix tape!!! You can really hear how good he is--better than I remembered. Wondering what's up tonight...

  7. I too am a big David Cook fan. He's really the only one at this point that I'd spend money to buy his music.


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