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I am extremely absent minded. I would read more from the same book if I wasn't constantly losing them.
As of this moment I cannot manage to find my copy of The Perfect Blend, the first Love Inspired romance novel I have ever read.


Have any of you read one of these before? I would be interested in knowing what you think.

Last night, but really very early this morning, I started Speak for Becky's Online Reading Group. We don't start until Wednesday, so there is still time to join in.
I have been intending to read Speak since I bought it many years ago. It has always had a prominent place on my bookshelf. I have never boxed it up and put into storage like hundreds of other books. I have been carrying it around with the intent of reading it, but just waiting for the excuse. And I am very happy for the excuse. Since I have been talking about covers lately, I need to tell you I have always adored this cover.


Come back Wednesday to read my thoughts on the beginning of this book. (If I can find the book again, it is also currently lost.)

Musings of a Bookish Kitty has been doing an interesting Sunday Salon series called Confessions of a Reader. This thread was started a few weeks ago and inspired by a book of essays that I desperately want to read. Last week she commented on an essay from Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader called "My Odd Shelf". She said that over half of books are unread, and I can tell you she is doing better than me. About 90% of my books are unread. So what books are on my "Odd Shelf"? I have a lot of teaching and social study books for apparently no reason, also old text books from high school I cannot make myself give up. I would also clump my theatre and law books there, remnants of past obsessions.

Bookish Kitty also pointed me to the literate kitten who ponders "What your books say about you."
The simplest answer to this question is that my books tell people I have a problem. I love books very much. They are everywhere, often in haphazard piles teetering on the arm of a chair or sliding off the stairs up to my room. I have every type of book there is and they are piled every which way where ever I can find room. At my old house they were mostly on shelves each shelf having it's own genre. Alphabetized by the last name of the author, except that odd shelf which was just grouped by subject. I have books that are brand new, I have books that are tattered and falling apart. Right now at least 50% of my book collection is in storage. I find it interesting that people often sort their books by size. Hardcovers in one place, trade paperbacks in another. I want my books to be easy to find like at the library.

It is still early for me and I still plan to read more today. I am going to finish up to page 46 of Speak (if I can find it.) And I determined to finish one other book, whichever one I can find and am closest to the end for. I NEED to finish White Tombs, a book I won and wanted to review within a week of receiving it, but I still have been having extra time with the girls. And that isn't coming to an end. My ex is going to be gone for a FULL week this time.


  1. Oh, that is such a gorgeous cover - I'm trying to work out why it is so appealing, but can't. It just is. Hope the inside is as good as the outside!

  2. I adored Speak. I read it for a graduate course a couple of years ago, and still think about it sometimes. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac sort of reminded me of it in various ways. I'll say more once you've finished. :)

  3. Yes, I have had a few reading buddies to love SPEAK. I personally haven't read it and don't know if I will in the future. The reason is I never could get excited about the blurb on Amazon.

  4. Hi Megan :)
    I am making a note of SPEAK, what a great cover! Love you blog, I am adding you to my blog.
    You to have a very good week

  5. I hope you were able to find your book. I hate it when I lose a book when I'm in the middle of reading it.

    The cover for Speak is very attractive. It's definitely one that catches my attention. I'll be curious to know what you think of the book when you are done with it.

    Thank you for the links, Megan! I still have a few of my college text books tucked away in the closet. They had to give up their shelf space when I started running out.

    I loved your assessment of your book collection--that you have a problem. I have a big one too! Haha It's a good problem though.

    I hope you have a great week.

  6. Happy Sunday Megan! I'll be looking forward to your review of Speak so hope you find it :)
    I think at least 75% of my books are unread. I can't help it... I keep buying more! ha,ha... Well, and I do get rid of books so that's another reason.

  7. Isn't it terribly frustrating to have a lot of your books in storage? I have that same problem. And also the same problem with losing books. Also frustrating!

    You asked about Over Sea Under Stone. Yes, I think it's sort of a prequel to the series, and I understand it's very different from all the other books. But several people have told me I should definitely start with this one, so I took their advice. If you do read it, I'd be interested to hear how you like it.

  8. I so agree about that cover. Looks so intruiging. That one's been on my list for awhile. Interested to hear what you think.

  9. I still have a few old school textbooks too that I can't bear to get rid of.
    I'd love to have my books arranged alphabetically but they are arranged by size out of necessity (aka lack of shelf space). If you put all the trade paperbacks together for example, you can get more on the shelf, especially since mine are all double-stacked horizontally!

  10. that is a GREAT SS post!! I loved all the things that you included in it. I am curious to check out what my books say about me! and yes, the cover of speak is really great.

    happy monday! (i hope it is happy, even if it is a monday;)

  11. I have a friend who is absent minded in another way where books are concerned. What she forgets is what she has used as a book mark, or more to the point she remembers what she's used when she wants it and can't remember which book it's in. The high(?) spot came when she couldn't find her employers' car keys and they had to have the locks on the car changed. She found the keys the next time she checked out a recipe from a book she used about twice a year!

  12. I am happy to report that I did find my copy of Speak. Be sure to stop by again on Wednesday to hear about my thoughts on the first 46 pages.

    jlshall - I currently don't know where Over Sea, Under Stone is (no surprise there) but I am hoping I will find it as I start bring all the books in from the garage. There are so many books I intend to read I hope I manage to actually include that one.

    tanabata - I recently bought a shelf that is very deep and I have books three deep on it. I also like to put books in a size grouping large enough that I can fit books horizontally over them. I try not to make my book placement too tricky so that I can easily find books when hunting.

    table talk - that is absolutely hilarious about the car keys.

    Thanks to everyone who has visited and of course to any stragglers that follow this comment. I hope your Sunday was lovely.

  13. I read some Love Inspired books! I really enjoyed the Perfect Blend. They are really hit or miss for me..sometimes they are really good and sometimes, not so much ;)

  14. I like some of the Love Inspired books too. The Perfect Blend was great! I really like Allie Pleiter. My favorite Love Inspired series is the Mule Hollow series by Debra Clopton. They are sweet and funny. Lately I have been reading more of the Love Inspired Suspense books. :)


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