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Starting With Little Things: A Guide to Writing Poetry in the Classroom is one of the most helpful poetry books I have every utilized. For me, writing is about having fun and playing with language. In Starting With Little Things, Ingrid Wendt did a perfect job of maintaining a fun aspect to writing that can be used at any writing level.

Poetry writing books have always challenged me to be more playful in my writing even though I am not particularly interested in producing poetry. The writing exercises Wendt provides in this book were helpful in expanding my mind and allowing me to explore
new ways of expressing myself. One of the best qualities of this book is that it never requires me to take myself too seriously.

Many writers worry so much about WHAT to write, but this book embodies the concept that the task isn't finding something to write about but unlocking the stories that are already inside.

Today I would love for you to share with a short (and easy) poem. This idea comes from page 35 of this remarkable book. Simply complete the following statement and leave them in the comments.
Today I am...
Yesterday I was...
Some days I am...
Once I was...
This is a great exercise that you can even do on a daily basis whenever you feel like generating new material but don't know where to start.


  1. Today I am content.
    Yesterday I was angry, fighting against the world.
    Some days I am crying.
    Once I was prideful.

  2. Today I am sore.
    Yesterday I was busy walking all day.
    Some days I'm lazy.
    Once I was...um, lazy.

    Ha. I think that shows my great poetry skills. Right, Megan?



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