Booking Through Thursady - Vacation Reading

It has again been a very long time since I have been around the BTT. I am finally getting back into the swing of things!

Do you buy books while on vacation/holiday?

I tend not to buy books when I am on vacation, I just usually bring them with me. I do like to hit local used book shops if I get around to it, but that can be a bad move as I usually can't manage to bring all my books home with me.

When I go back home to Connecticut I am overwhelmed by the better selection of books on the used market. The nice thing is that I can buy and buy and not have to worry about luggage space. Anything that doesn't fit is mailed or hand delivered at a later time!

Do you have favorite bookstores that you only get to visit while away on a trip?
There used to be a discount book store about 40 minutes away from here and I would make a special trip to go to it. That WAS a vacation for me! There are certain bookstores I am definitely planning on visiting again some day but I don't have one I always frequent.

On another note not suggested by these questions, I find picking out vacation reading extremely difficult. I love to read but usually do not do as much as I like while on vacation. But then again I guess that is on where the vacation is. Once when I was camping I packed a huge suitcase full of books, I loved being able to have a the variety to chose from while I was there. But usually I do not have so much leisurely time while on vacation. All my life I would bring 10 or so books with me but only finish one or two. Now if I am going on vacation I usually bring one book for my travel time and another in case I finish it.

My idea vacation is a hotel room, plenty of books, piece and quiet and no other obligations. There is a place not too far away that has a spa with a private outdoor pool. Me and my books like to go there and hang out by the pool, when I want a little break, I go in for a dip.


  1. Hi Megan :)

    I am back blogging after almost 2 month away, missed you all. So glad to reconnect with my blogger friends. I have just finished BBT for today the 24th of July.
    I have GOOD IN BED but haven't read it yet, it is on my TBR pile since a long time...very long time

    Have a nice day megan :))


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