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My New Obsession

Something has caught my attention, you want to know what it is?

Plurk as acronym: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Karma

A little over a month ago I started plurking. One of the main results of plurking is that you start talking about yourself in the third person! Why is this, you ask? Well plurk has this unique pull down menu, sort of like a very limited, digital magnetic poetry set. It has words right after your user names that include "thinks" "says" and "wants". Then you start turning into Bob Dole and saying things like "Megan thinks that's a good idea" at really inappropriate times! But I sort of like that, people look at me funny, and then I giggle like an idiot. Sort of my signature, that giggle.

Plurk has been amazing because I have met a lot of really interesting people and connected in so many differen
t levels, from the silly to the intellectual and many places in between. We even started a little plurk book club. We are reading Good in Bed as a group and it should be totally fun!

It is amazing that a lot of my pleeps (plurk + peeps = pleeps) are book lovers!

has read over 50 books this year (yes, I hate her!) She blogs about books and life and is thinking about starting a blog just for book reviewing. I assured her if she did, you would all stop by and show her some love! (Keep you updated!)

Cajunvegan reads banned books and has a very high opinion of herself ("Please don’t hate me because of my superior intellect and sarcastic attitude.") Luckily she can get away with it because I have a high opinion of her too!

So how did I find out about plurk in the first place?
Well I first heard about plurk on the ReadWriteWeb and promptly decided I didn't care! The post was really well written and if you are interested in learning more about plurk this post should definitely be your first stop!

So, one day I was stumbling along and it was the middle of the night and I was bored. And I came across mestrualpoetry's blog. And she happened to have blogged about plurk. On a whim, I signed up and it has been ruling my life ever since!

There are definitely a lot more people on plurk I should be mentioning by name in this post, but I started off with the ones who would hurt me if I didn't. Sorry to the rest of you, have more violent natures in the future.

So I know what you are wondering, how did I have time to write this post if plurk is always distracting me? Well...plurk is down. *sad face* Unfortunately that does happen occasionally, but really I think it is just a tactic they use to encourage us to be productive!

So have I sold you on plurk? Maybe you have already ran
over there and signed up, and now you feel a bit lost. Don't worry, I have help for you there too!

One of my pleeps, my good friend Teeg, has written a series of blog posts just to help you out. Ready to get started? Click here.

When you get there, don't forget to

My user name is butterflylitgirl.
You can find me here.


  1. Interesting and well written article, methinks. I shall add this to my blogroll

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you like books as much as I do. WE are going to have a ton of fun in your little plurkie book club!


  3. I love Jennifer Weiner's books! Although I think the movie adaptation of "In Her Shoes" didn't give the book any justice. Btw, I didn't know that there was a Plurk book club! Where do I sign up? And yes, Teeg is awesome and one of my favorite plurkers. :]


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