Teen Tuesday - Looking to the Future

Teen Tuesday is the day we set aside for teen book lovers visit with each other to find out what's being read in the world of young adult literature. You can comment whether you are a participant or not. Visit all the posters at teentuesday.blogspot.com.

I was completely upset when I went to the library yesterday and found that the book I wanted to read for Genre of the Month had been checked out. Yeah, it sort of ruined my day.

It seems where I live, non Stephanie Myers vampire books are not very popular. I was unable to find a very intriguing alternative book and finally settled on the Vampire Plagues series. I actually am looking forward to them now. I am hoping they will be easy yet enjoyable reads.

I also took out The Book Thief to prepare for this book club.
They have come up with the great concept of doing a podcast discussing their book choice each month. I sort of had them because of it. The show is scheduled for Sunday, August 3rd at 8pm central / 9pm eastern time. If you want to read this book or have already you definitely will need to check out the show. I got the book because it was actually at the library but I will not be reading it until a little bit closer to the show date. Though I do wonder why they had to pick such a fat book. Though I have been assured it is a quick read despite it's side. Which is good because I am extremely busy!

Why am I busy, you ask? Well I started The Looking Glass Wars way behind when I intended to for our jokingly titled No Name Book Club. And I want to tell you I am really enjoying this take on Alice in Wonderland. I was overjoyed to see reference to the original manuscript version of Alice's Adventures Underground which is the only version I have previously read. Beddor took a really creative approach to this classic story. Early in the novel Alyss even comments on the existing versions of the story; "He'd transformed her memories of a world alive with hope and possibility and danger into make-believe, the foolish stuff of children" (4). And if you saw my post yesterday you also know that he decided to treat his book like a movie and create a sound track for it, which I happen to love.

So, since Chelsie proclaimed us The No Name Book Club, I guess we need to change that. You read to help? Please leave your ideas in the comments even if you aren't part of it!


  1. Ideas, Ideas. Hard to say since I do not have a real good feel for your group. Is the group always reading teen fiction? Or is that just your side interest?

  2. The group is always reading young adult titles or crossover titles.

    The majority of the members are teens.

  3. So many books, Dang! I can barley read my one book per year- I read many blogs that is my problem huh? Eats up my book reading time!


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