Nov 30, 2009

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Lord of the Flies (audio)

Though I know the story well from seeing various productions of it, I really wanted to have this book under my belt.

I am quite depressed because my mp3 player broke so I am listening to Lord of the Flies old school style with a walkman and tapes from the library.

The beginning was a bit slow but now that I am towards the middle I am enjoying the story a lot more than I expected. It's great being able to strap the story to my side while I wander around the house cleaning up.

A Box of Nothing

Peter Dickenson's name shows up on tons of YA sci fi lists but is the first of his book I have gotten around to reading. I am not very far into it but I am LOVING IT.

"James was standing on the shore of an iron-gray sea, flecked with patches
of rust color, and covered with very regular small round waves. It
stretched away and way toward the skyline. From beyond that unreachable
horizon his name was being called. He couldn't hear it, but he could feel
it" (10).

The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters

The is the first book from James Dashner's first series. I am shocked to tell you I LOVE IT. There is a great humor in this book and an interesting mix of science fiction and fantasy. When I saw that little sci fi sticker on the spine I thought it was a mistake, but it really does have some really great science elements to it.

Hope to be posting about it more soon!

Stolen Voices

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Things Not Seen
So Yesterday
Fahrenheit 451

What books are you trying to finish before the New Year?


  1. I'm re-reading the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. I know I am getting Servant of a Dark God in my stocking so I'm looking forward to that.

  2. I liked Lord of the Flies. It's a funny kind of book - simple on the face of it, yet has complex undertones. Sometimes I wonder if the forces in this book aren't the forces behind Wall Street, politics and every day life.


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