Singing the Dogstar Blues

Singing the Dogstar Blues by Alison Goodman combines a lot of elements that constitute a great story. It has a terrific, strong, and rebellious female protagonist. She often defies authority but has a passion for music and the ability to explore it through time travel.

Although I have criticised books for using slang in the past, Goodman does it perfectly. I always knew what word she was intending to replace or she finds a clever way to explain it.

This Australian author gained critical acclaim and world wide recognition through the publication of Singing the Dogstar Blues. It's creative action oriented plot brings reader to a complex world without over explaining the details. She also doesn't leave the reader in a mass of confusion. Joss's world is so similar to our own. It is easy to take the leaps into the future Goodman requires of us.

I am eager to read more books by Alison Goodman, including the recently released Eon, which is completely not in my genre preference.

Thanks to Steph Su who was kind enough to recommend this book to me.


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