Fade to Blue

When I read The Compound I thought it was weird and confusing. Well, let me tell you, Fade to Blue makes The Compound look like a boring day. Yes, just to restate, Fade to Blue is the most confusing book I have EVER read in my whole entire life. Sean Beaudoin infuses a strong sense of style and voice into this average American high school. Sophie is the soccer player turned goth girl; she introduces us to a cast of stereotypical players. Jocks, cheerleaders, wannabees, losers, outcasts, and has beens. Sophie is dark and edgy, reminding me a suicidal Veronica Mars.

But the story starts to skip through more perspectives and makes less and less sense. This confusion is part of the point, but it happens so quickly I never really got grounded in anything. The skipping around made it hard to care about what was happening and why. There was often no clear connection with a reality I cared about.

The story hops through every inconceivable permutation of reality or non-reality making me want to throw the book across the room. The book had so much style and charm, it was a waste to see it slip into chaos.

If your bored by what you are reading and want something different, this book will definitely satisfy. If you walk into the library and pull it off the shelf because it has a little sci fi sticker on the spice, you may regret that decision. Maybe the author thought that sci fi fans would enjoy the ride because they are used to going to outlandish places without question, but I am not that sci fi reader.

If you are interested about his creation process Sean did a GREAT guest blog on InkWeaver Review. Check it out.


  1. At least the cover is intriguing. Is it a graphic novel?

  2. No, it is not a graphic novel, though comics do play an element in the story. I LOOOOVE the cover too.


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