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2009 Reading Goals

I have once again failed in my goal of having a more diversified reading list. I read about 95% YA which is the nighest percentage since I was in elementary school!

I wanted to read more classic science fiction novels and I didn't finish very many. I wanted to read more classic YA and I read 2. Reading is so personal it can be especially difficult to set goals ahead of time. It has been effective for me in the past but it completely backfired this year.

I did reach my goal to read 100 books twice over. That's including bother paper and audio books and even the occasional picture book.

While I enjoyed reading that many books I don't think I could handle any more and really enjoy the experience. Even as it was I am not sure I did as much as I would have liked to. I did a horrible job blogging but also had little desire to. Blogging should fun and I try to remember that and not force myself to do it.

Some of my personal goals were reached, like spending more time focused on my kids and volunteering at the school.

Overall I am only slightly disappointed in the achievement of my goals.


  1. I love reading YA! What books did you love this year?

    For me it was (hang on to your hats, it's a LIST):

    Mortal Instruments series
    Eyes Like Stars
    Beautiful Creatures
    Demon's Lexicon
    Peace, Love, & Baby Ducks
    Hourglass (comes out summer 2011 and you won't want to miss it!)
    My Soul To Take

    Probably missing some because it's late and I'm tired. :)

  2. C.J. - Hopefully I will be getting my top ten list up soonish. I was going to do a countdown thing but I don't see that happening.

    I am definitely checking out Demon's Lexicon after it ended up on your list, saw it at the library just the other day.

    Who is the author for Watchers?

    I am curious about both eyes Like Stars and Beautiful Creatures. They don't seem like my thing but everyone is into them. Neither is at the library so far, so I guess I will stay curious for a bit longer.

  3. Well, the great thing is it is now a new year and you can start off the year right by getting in a non-YA book in January!


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