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The Sunday Salon - Not Reading in Dystopia

The Sunday

Lately I have just not been in the mood to read. And really I don't like the feeling. Sometimes I am okay with not reading and being busy and enjoying life. But there are too many things around the holidays to distract me. Also, my mp3 player broke and I used to listen to books while doing things around the house. I do keep picking up books and trying to read them, but I can't stay focused. I can feel my eyes trying to dart around the page. The library called with two books on hold I was really eager to read.

I have been wanting to read Gone for a while and when it showed up on eldritchhobbit's list of young adult dystopias I knew I had to read it. The weird part is that we recently got the second book, Hunger at the library but we didn't have the first and I had to do an interlibrary loan. I HATE when the library has the second book in a series but not the first.

The Hourglass Door was recommended to me by my librarian and is by a Utah author. I read just a few pages but I am completely in love with the writing style of the book. I want to read more but I am having the same problem of not being able to keep my eyes on the page.

Last night I was up late checking eldritchhobbit's list again my local library. It is a lot more time consuming than you might think and I am happy to have it off of my to do list. I knew I would find some books off the list, in part because I have already read and borrowed some. But I found over 20 books from 2000 on that I will be slowly working my way through. I have more dystopian reviews I have to write and a few more books I have to read for my challenges.

I am going to try and get started on Rebecca Stead's First Light. I am so, so, so, excited to read it because I am completely in love with When You Reach Me. I am interested to see how I will feel about a book that is more in my genre preference (it is on the YA dystopia list). I am in the middle of a bunch of other dystopic YA right now too. I am working on the second book in the Tripods series called The City of Gold and Lead. It is in that really boring part of the book where it is just recapping the previous book. I like that authors have found a better way around that now. I am also working on Cherry Heaven still. I have made NO progress on it sine last weekend.

Here are some of the YA Dystopian novels I may be checking out soon:
(be sure to point me to one you really liked or recommend a new one!!)
The Rule of Claw
The Inferior
The Lost Art
The Secret Under My Skin
True Sight

For my birthday I want to try and get a few more YA dystopian novels that my library doesn't have now. I am building my wish list ahead of time and cross checking it against the library.

When you are in a reading funk, how do you break out of it?


  1. I fond the list! Holy smokes that's a lot :) Here's to hoping I can read some of them.


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