Biblio Check – January Week 2

I started off January well by not purchasing any books in Week 1. (all 3 days) :)

Week two I purchased 14 books.

I spent $7.25, the books cover prices equaled $90.84 (some books did not have a price)

Savings = $85
(If only I had stopped at Week 2)

stack-of-books Here are the titles, price, place

  • The Divine Comedy, 25 cents, library
  • Hotel Paradise, 25 cents, library
  • Parasites Like Us, $1, thrift store
  • Loving Frank, $1, thrift store
  • Pillars of the Earth, 50 cents, thrift store
  • The Legend of Holly Claus, 50 cents, thrift store
  • The Misfits, 50 cents, thrift store
  • The Dark Side of Nowhere, 50 cents, thrift store
  • The Land of the Unicorns, 50 cents, thrift store
  • Earth and Space, $1, thrift store
  • Project Pendulum, 25 cents, library
  • The Thief of Always, 25 cents, library
  • The Military Dimension, 25 cents, library

Most Exciting Acquisition: The Dark Side of Nowhere

Best Deal: Parasites Like Us, paid $1, cover price $14

Which of these books would you read first?


  1. You have serious issues. But I really want to read The Thief of Always!


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