Countdown to Delayed New Years

There is only ONE day left in my Countdown to Delayed New Years. And while it has been fun I am still faced with the fact that I didn't get anywhere near as much done as I intended for my ORIGINAL countdown. BUT that may have been a massive failure either way.

Before getting started with today's spamming I want to link you all to a new blog I am collaborating on. I mentioned it yesterday on my out the door. The Last Blog in the Universe is a new group blog focusing on dystopian fiction.Speaking of dystoian fiction, my goal was to have almost all of my reviews up for my previous challenge participation. And I just have a feeling that won't be happening.

Tonight I have my book club meeting and I am really looking forward to it, but as I plan for it I think about how I will NOT be reviewing books in that time.

And why does blogger hate me so much and not listen to my spacing? Does anyone have any suggestions?


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