Anna Scanlon

I love Anna Scanlon. She is a generous and amazing person. Do you want to know why I love her? Well, let me tell you. She may have not chosen me personally to receive an ARC of Matched but did and Anna was the one who was generous enough to offer up my top wish list book item in a contest and now I am a proud owner. It showed up today and it is so shiny and I love the cover and it’s MINE MINE MINE!

Today Anna Scanlon is my hero. And she can be your hero too. I am not sure how exactly but maybe you will find a way unless she is your hero because of the pure joy I am feeling right now at owning this wonderful book by and author I hope to meet very soon.


I may seem a little excited but I am more than excited and I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful Anna Scanlon is for being a part of this. And thank you, you are my new best friend.


  1. I completely understand your excitement. I don't know how I got so lucky as to get an ARC, but I did a big old happy dance when I got it in the mail. I loved the book, and am giving my ARC away in my monthly contest because it is just too good not to share. :) Congrats on winning a copy!


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