The Most Wonderful Time of the Year




What, you ask, is the most wonderful time of the year? Is it Christmas? Nope! Is it Thanksgiving? NOPE! My favorite time of year is better than any holiday because it comes TWICE every year.  Do you know what it is? It’s our book fair!!!


I am thrilled to be doing another Scholastic book fair at my daughter’s school. We managed to get more books than we ever have before and I am very excited.  In case you were wondering, here’s a picture that basically give you the whole idea of how our book fair is set up this year.



You can kind of see the other book fair lady in this picture and all that really does is make me happy that I was the one taking the picture.  There are so many reasons to love the book fair.  There are the books. And the….books. And more important than that is getting these kids excited about books and reading. At our school we work really hard to find the right book matches for people, especially ourselves! No, we love helping the students out whenever we can and with the re-launch of our Accelerated Reader program we are focusing on really having the parents come in and buy quality books for their children.


But you’re right, I probably do have my eye on one or two books this time.  I even already have one home by a local author to preview and recommend to all the students, teachers, and parents who come through here. That book is called The Clockwork Three and it has a pretty amazing cover.


I really hope that I get to meet Matthew Kirby sometime soon. I love finding Utah authors in our Scholastic book cases and this book sounds really amazing.  I have already been pointing it out to the teachers and they are eagerly my response to it.


The pressure to enjoy this book is a little high right now but I am pretty sure it is going to be fantastic. So maybe Mr. Kirby will get a pass this time. *grin*


The only unfortunate thing about this book is that I am really trying to push the AR books  and this isn’t one. But I GUESS we can make an exception this time.  Hopefully it will be wildly successful and have a test soon.


The next book on my list has been interesting me for about a year.  I haven’t heard very many good things about it, P1012615mostly about too many authors in too small of a book but it is still peaking my interest so I will soon be a proud new owner of  The Clone Codes. Have you read this book? I would love to see some of them and share them with my readers. Also, I talked about how great The Clockwork Three cover was, what do you think of The Clone Codes cover?  The one thing I noticed is that where it is on the cart and the art doesn’t really pop at the book fair. Even though I was looking for it my eye passed over it a few times.


Unfortunately I there doesn’t seem to be much interest in this book so far from the teachers. The advantage it does have is that it is an AR book and it is worth a decent amount of points. Our quarter is coming to an end pretty soon and every student’s points will reset. I am hoping to see them achieve as much as they can over the next 20 days so we can start this program off successfully.



I am pretty excited about this new series by Michael Buckley, the author of the Sisters Grimm series.  So far there are two books out in the NERDS series and I would really like to have both of them. 


I was flipping though these books and the details in the headings really caught my eye and made me feel like they were my kind of thing. They seem like they will have at least a little bit of technology in them.  Have any of you read these books? I would love to see some reviews.


Do you go to book fairs? What kinds of books do you generally by?


  1. I have to fight the urge to act snobily at local book fairs. "James Patterson? Is that the best you have?"

  2. Oooh, looks like an awesome book fair! Don't go to those usually though!

  3. I don't think we have these kinds of book fairs, but it looks really good!

  4. The Clockwork Three cover is striking, and I liked the first Sisters Grimm book. I'll have to check Nerds out.


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