Teen Tuesday

Starting today, Dec. 23rd, publisher Simon Pulse and Lisa McMann are having an essay contest. 

It is only open to teens aged 14-18.

Fund Your Dream
Essay Contest

The kind of dream that Janie has - to go to college, better her life situation, and maybe, not have to work two jobs to do it!

Lisa McMann and Simon & Schuster want to hear from you:

What is the Greatest Obstacle You’ve Overcome?

Answer this question in 500 words or less and submit your essay below
to enter the contest.

Lisa McMann will choose a winner, who will receive
$1000 toward meeting his or her life goals!

Lisa has more details and some good advice on her blog. Check it out for more info.


  1. I can't tell you how much I wish my daughter was 14. She would love this.


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