Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo started off slow for me.  It didn’t have the magic I was hoping for and expecting after reading Tiger Rising.  I am happy to report it did pay off in the end and I really enjoyed the book.  DiCamillo, as I have previously stated, makes great use of tying literature into her books for young readers.  The book that was used in this story was Gone With the Wind, which I have still yet to read.  But even though Because of Winn-Dixie barely mentioned Gone With the Wind, it still made me really want to read it.

This story, like Tiger Rising, has a great simplicity to it.  I am having a hard time imagining how it was translated into a movie.  I have seen it. I haven’t even heard that much about it. The trailer looks pretty cute. I can see a lot of the elements of the book in it.


I did have one favorite part of the book that will not shock any of you. And I would like to share it here for you, but I can’t.  Of course I can’t find the book to quote it.  But I want to get this review up so that I can read my next DiCamillo book.  Since I know you are all dying to know I will update this post when I find the book.  Somewhere.  Among the other books. I don’t have THAT many.


  1. FIND that book. I'm waiting.....

  2. I loved this book a few years ago. I think I read Tiger Rising, too, but I don't actually remember that one....I remember Winn-Dixie, though. I remember crying at one part (you can probably guess). Such a great book.


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