Happy Birthday – What did you get me?

It is true. Today IS my birthday. You don’t have to get me anything. (Though I am not going to say no to books!) Instead I am giving something to you. That’s right. I am hosting my first ever contest.

So, first things first. You have to email all entries into this contest and I am therefore disabling commenting on this post. If you would like to leave me birthday wishes you can comment on an alternate post or feel free to email me. Or just send me books.

ALL EMAILS in regards to this contest MUST have the subject “Contest”.

(Okay, Megan, will you shut up already and tell us what we can win??) Fine, fine.

1rst prize: $30 Amazon shopping spree. You pick the books, I purchase and have them shipped directly to you.

2nd and 3rd prize: $10 gift certificate to book seller of your choice.

Step 1:
Email me, mopsmomut @ yahoo.com, with the subject “Contest”. You must list one book you would want to get if you win. If you do not do this step you cannot be entered to win. If you just want to be entered once, that’s all you have to do.

Step 2: (optional)
Email me one link per email to every promotion of this contest.
If it is something unlinkable just send me an email detailing what you did. (Limit 10) One entry per promotion.

Step 3: (optional)
If you follow someone’s link here and chose to enter please list whose link you followed. This gets an additional entry for both link follower and link poster.

Step 4: (optional)
Make an interesting, intelligent, or insightful comment on one of my previous posts or any post made between now and the contest end. (Limit 5) One entry per comment deemed worthy by me. (Please make sure comment info connects with original email or email me letting me know you commented.)

The contest starts today,
January 15th
and ends
February 15th.
The best present you can give me is helping me talk about books!

(Email me with any questions or comments.)

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