Trailer Tuesday

Last Sunday I talked about the things I enjoyed about the changes being made in book trailers. I talked about how I liked 's style and featured one of her trailer. The trailer above for The Professors' Wives' Club is completely different, but I love it just as much.

Cover of This is the second of the interview/author talking about their book type video I have seen and I really enjoy them. I love how this one gives a peek into Joanne Rendell's creation process.

“Alternately amusing and serious, with a little literary mystery thrown in for good measure, Rendell’s smart and pleasing tale of friendship and self-actualization has broad appeal.”—Booklist
I really want to read this book and this trailer just made me lust for it even more. It was great getting a real live glimpse into Joanne's daily life. And Benny is so adorable you have no option but to fall in love with him. (I already have, several times.)

Read this New York Times article on Joanne and Benny.


  1. Okay--That video was genius. We see the author, talking about her book sharing her life.--Gives us that 'connection' feel.... Awesome!

  2. OK, that sounds like another to watch for. Your loading up my wish list pretty darn fast.


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