February Young Adult Author!

Catherine Ryan Hyde is February's featured young adult author. Unfortunately I didn't do as much as I wanted with my first author, though I did learn from my not doing. I promise to do a better job with Catherine. Over the next few days, even though the month is over, I will be wrapping up with a few more posts on DiCamillo and then expect more posts and reviews about Catherine and her books.

For now watch this amazing excerpt video that Catherine made for Becoming Chloe and check out a profile I did on her previously. (With another amazing video you need to check out!!)

Have you read any of Catherine's books? I would love to know what you think. Please leave links to previous reviews in the comments.


  1. It would take me a bit to find her reviews...the ones I did, but if I find them, I'll send the link your way.

    But yay for her being your pick of the month! Everyone should read at least ONE of her books, I think. Great stories and characters. :)


  2. Funny you should ask, because I literally just finished reading Becoming Chloe, and have posted my review of it here: http://stephsureads.blogspot.com/2009/02/review-becoming-chloe-by-catherine-ryan.html

    What a coincidence! I'm looking forward to learning about Catherine.


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